Step 1: Sign in
You access the link:
Enter the account information and password you registered with Boxme

Step 2: Configure the account
In the Menu bar of admin, select "Account configuration"

In the section "Account Configuration" you choose the tab "Pick up address" and select "Add shipping address"

Declare your warehouse information (pickup address):

You need to fill in all the information in the blanks such as: Warehouse name, Status, Your phone number, your address.
Then press the button "Add New" . This address will be used by Boxme as the default address for the shipping company to pick up goods when you create an order on the system or create a shipping request to Boxme's warehouse.

At this point, you have completed the step of creating a pickup address (your warehouse). You can start creating an order and the postman will pick up the item at the address you just registered.
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