Step 1: Register / Login to Boxme system

Go to, click Sign in on the menu bar, select Sign up (if you don't have an account).

Or go to Boxme's order management system at [] (, choose Register (if you don't have an account)

Continue to fill in the steps to complete account registration if you do not have an account.

Step 2: Create an international application with USPS to get the best price for a single individual
Select Orders -> Create Order -> Create international order

Fill in the information for the recipient's address.
Note: You need to enter the correct Postcode (Zipcode), and select the City, State you want to send to match your shipping address to ensure the order is delivered to the correct address and the shipping fee is calculated correctly.

Select you or the payee to pay taxes (if any). Normally, Boxme has implemented the customs clearance instruction to avoid tax for customers, if you have high value products (over $ 500) please contact us.
Contents of goods in English: International shipping companies only accept English content and are the basis for customs clearance, pay attention when keywords are banned from shipment, goods require special inspection such as Food, cigarette, perfume ...
Fill in order information. You need to fill in the exact size and weight of your order after packing as prescribed, then click to add an order to the system (below image). Note that orders with wrong weight or size may not be shipped or be slower than expected due to re-labeling or rejection by USPS due to wrong weight.
You can contact Boxme for further instructions on the carrier's packaging to ship to the US.

Step 3: Browse the application and print the bill of lading code
If you have not yet funded your Boxme account, you will not be able to complete the application form at that time. You can save your order and browse after making a deposit.
After you have approved your application successfully, you need to print the bill of lading code on Boxme system and paste it into your order to ensure that the order meets international standards.
At this point, you have completed creating your order on Boxme system.

Next steps

After completing the application creation on Boxme system, you will receive a call from Boxme's consultant to check your order information and shipping needs.

Drop-off at Boxme or send by yourself to Boxme warehouse in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh
You can save extra costs by sending your orders yourself to Boxme addresses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, or talking to a consultant for pick up (cost depends on the location. your score). Pick up cost will not exceed 30,000 VND and it is free if you send multiple orders.

Check your order
Boxme will check your order at the Boxme Fulfillment Center to make sure your order is qualified and true to your order creation requirements before sending it out.

Note: The weight of the order will be calculated at the time of dispatch from Boxme. If it is over the weight you declare and could affect shipping costs, we will notify you before sending.

Track Tracking / Order Tracking
You can easily track your order journeys as well as send itineraries to customers on both Boxme and USPS systems with the waybill code you have since creating your order.

Processing failed
The USPS carrier will make sure to send you the goods to the correct address, contacting the buyer via the phone number and email you provide.

But if there is a case of refund from the carrier, Boxme will help you ship the goods to Boxme's warehouse so that you have other processing methods on the system such as Update information (if your previous information entered is wrong. ), request a playback at the new address, return the item to Vietnam or destroy the item to avoid the return fee to Vietnam.

If you believe that the delivery was not successful due to the carrier, Boxme will assist you with filing a complaint with the carrier.
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