The order creation page on Boxme has a friendly menu creation interface, easy operation, automatic saving and identification of the warehouse address of the sender and recipient. :

Step 1: Login to your account on the system:

Step 2: From the Seller management screen, click “Create multiple orders (Excel)”

Step 3: Choose to upload directly from the excel file to the system

Step 4: Select the warehouse you want to ship the goods to - from Boxme's warehouse or from your own

Step 5: Download the sample excel file to create an order depending on your purpose:

Self-packing form: for customers to package products by themselves and send them from customer's warehouse
Application form sent from Boxme warehouse: for customers who have products at Boxme warehouse and want to transfer orders from Boxme warehouse.
International shipping form: for customers who want to send an order internationally.

Step 6: Select the order to send

Step 7: Confirm the order information and payment method

Step 8: Complete and print the sticker on the box (for customers who do not ship from Boxme warehouse)
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