Please visit the website:

Select the "Register" button at the top right hand side.

A new window will appear. Here, customers can register for an account in 2 ways:

Option 1: Log in via Facebook

The email address you have registered with Facebook will be used to log into Boxme. Problems arising with the bill of lading will be sent to your email address.

At the "Sign Up" step, you just need to select the button "Login via Facebook".
Notification system will ask for permission to use information on your Facebook as Boxme account information.

Option 2: Register an account directly with Boxme

When the quick registration window appears, please fill out all information in the blanks.

Then click on the button "Register".

With this form, Boxme will receive the information you declared

Step 2: Authenticate your account via Email

Boxme has sent an activation email to your personal mailbox using the Boxme account registration step above. Please go to your email and open the newsletter and click on the activation link.

Step 3: Configure the account

The next step you need to do is Complete Account Configuration before proceeding or using Boxme's services such as creating shipping orders or using Boxme's logistics services.

To configure your account, go to "Account Configuration".

Here, there are 6 items you can configure with instructions as below:

Section 1: Basic account configuration

Here, you need to fill out the information about Name, Phone Number. You will not be able to change your email account.

Alternatively, you can configure:

Link social media accounts (quick login with Facebook, Google)
Default unit: kg & cm or inch & oz
Language: Boxme currently supports Vietnamese, English, Thai and Chinese languages.
time zone
Default currency
Note: You can choose a Currency other than a Language as well as the Country of Business. In case you're doing business across multiple countries, you won't be able to change the country in this section, you will need to log out and select your login country outside of the login screen. Your balance in each country will be unique and cannot be converted across the system.
Section 2: Confidentiality

Here, you can change your password and create 2-factor security to log in right away in case you lose your phone or forget your password.

Section 3: Enterprise configuration

Logo: Create a company logo to appear in invoice sections, associated e-commerce pages, etc.
Human Resources: More personnel, the right to receive personnel on the Boxme system
Add and remove "shipping address" and "shipping address"

Section 4: Payment configuration

Fill in business information if required to issue a monthly VAT invoice. Remember to tick "I want to receive monthly VAT invoice" and click "Update".
Configuration of withdrawal from balance: Update account information or link the card, Ngan Luong wallet to receive COD.
Fee payment method: Update your account information to pay shipping charges.
Note: You need to top up your premium account or sign a contract with Boxme to get your balance before using Boxme's shipping or storage services.

Section 5: Services

You can choose to use Boxme's services by default such as:

Fulfillment order fulfillment service
Commercial invoice required
Attach thank you cards or instructions to customers
Choose your preferred shipping and carrier: Boxme will use the carrier and shipping service of your choice by default when you sync your order or create multiple orders.

Section 6: Integration

Here, you can integrate and synchronize with your E-commerce platforms and sales website.

E-commerce platforms that integrate with Boxme include: Shopify, Magento, Lazada, Woocommerce, Etsy, Ebay, Haravan, Robins, Shopee, Bizweb (Sapo).
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