Unsuccessful delivery of goods can mean that the orders are delivered by the carrier to the buyer, but failure leads to the order being returned to the sender and causing much damage to the parties.

There are many reasons for a failed play, for example:

Cannot reach recipients repeatedly
Can be contacted, but when the buyer arrives, he is not at home and is away.
Recipients make appointment for playback next time. (Appointment many times)
Receiver refuses to receive goods (goods with incorrect description, wrong color, size ...)
Inaccurate recipient information (address, phone number…), and many other reasons.

According to our statistics, you can reduce up to 30% of your total refund if you track and promptly process a failed delivery order.

To process these orders and reduce your return, you can follow the steps below on Boxme system.

Step 1: Log in to the system oms.boxme.asia, track unsuccessful delivery at "Delivery failed"

Here, you can track the status of unsuccessful deliveries in the opening state, Reshipping orders, Returning orders, Orders have been successfully replayed (Received), Orders that need special processing (Exception), Orders have been moved (Restocked), and Orders have been disposed (Disposed).

To view specific information about an order, you can click on Order Code to view live.

To choose an option to process refunded orders, you can click RMA code, or Confirm.

Step 2: Choose a plan to process refunded orders

To choose an option to process refunded orders, you can click RMA Code, or Confirm.

Boxme system supports you 3 options to process refund orders, including** "Requests for replay", "Confirmation of refund" and "Cancellation"**
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