This is a guide to help you create a warehouse on Boxme's management system or register to use Boxme's warehouse - you just need to create an inventory request for Boxme's shipping partners to pick up and import. warehouse. The process of creating a warehouse and creating an inventory entry request on Boxme's system is as follows:

Step 1: Sign in
You access the link:
Enter the account information and password you registered with Boxme

Step 2: Configure the account
Account configuration: In the Menu bar of the admin section select "Account Configuration"

Add shipping address: In the Account Configuration section, select the tab "Shipping Address" and select "Add shipping address"

Declare your warehouse information:
You need to fill in all the information in the blanks such as: Warehouse name, Status, Your phone number, your address. Then press the "Add New" button. This address will be used by Boxme as the default address for the shipping company to pick up goods when you create an order on the system or create a shipping request to Boxme's warehouse.

Declare Boxme warehouse information you want to ship to: you need to check the box "Use Boxme storage service" and choose the most convenient Boxme warehouse.

Step 3: Enter product information (for customers who store Boxme)

In the Menu bar, select "Inventory" Select the button "Add product"
Declare information related to the product such as: Product Name, List, Volume ...
Note: you must complete the fields marked with *

Step 4: Create inventory request (for customers who store Boxme)

After you have added the product on the system, you will need to submit an inventory request to Boxme in order to ship the goods from your warehouse to the Boxme repository.

Select the button "Create request" -> "import stock".

Next, you will need to follow the 04 steps as per Boxme's instructions:

Step 1: List of products to be imported / exported

Select the button "Create product"
Select the products to be imported into Boxme's warehouse
Select the number of products to import

Step 2: Label & prepare to pack the goods

Boxme's warehouse management depends on the barcodes on each product - so you can either label the product yourself before sending it to Boxme's warehouse or let the warehouse staff label and manage the products yourself.

Choose to manually label, print product code and stick to each product or you can tick the option for Boxme warehouse staff to import goods.
You need to fill out the information "Package Code" "Pallet" "Cardboard Box" and print and paste on packages delivered to Boxme warehouse.

Step 3: Delivery

Create shipping waybill here you can choose to "Send by yourself" or use "Delivery partner of Boxme"
Select the partner unit that best suits your needs.

Step 4: Confirm - Print the bill of lading bill

Print out your bill of lading and send it with your parcel when it arrives at Boxme's warehouse
Select the button** "I'm ready to ship"** and done

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